How To Setup Facebook Business Page

How to set up Facebook Business Page (2016 Tutorial)

In this Video Tutorial, Jesse from MyVideoPro will show you how to properly set up a Facebook Page for your Business in 2016. Press play and make sure to subscribe, like, comment and share the video. Quickly learn how to dominate Facebook for your Business:

Link to YouTube Video, How to setup a Facebook Business Page 2016:

Set Up Facebook Business Page (Updated for 2016)

Facebook Business Pages are also known as Facebook Fan Pages, in 2016, they are just called “Pages”. Unlike a personal FB page, these pages don’t have friends, instead, they collect likes. Only people that like your page will see the posts on that page. It’s completely separated from any of your personal Facebook posts and intended to be for your Business only.

Your goal is to connect with past and future clients, to engage with your audience and promote your Business through social media. In 2016, your business isn’t credible if you’re not on Social Media. They look for you on Facebook and Google, if they don’t see you, they’ll run into the company down the street that has their page set up. You connect and engage with your audience by giving great content, quality images and most important of all… Can you guess what I’m going to say? VIDEOS! You need videos on your social media pages, on your blog and throughout your business. The more people interact with your social media accounts, subscribe to your channels and comment/share your posts, the more exposure your business will get online. People want to know who they are doing business with, they will watch your videos and best of all – they will help you grow your fan base (if you do a great job for them).

Facebook is the largest, most popular and most credible social media network in the WORLD. Facebook owns other social networks like Instagram, Whats App and more. Business Insider said that Facebook owns 95% of all social networking time. I am going to start off by showing you how to setup a Facebook Page for your Business quickly and easily this isn’t an outdated tutorial, this is for 2016. Having a Business Page is vital to your success and to your Social Media Marketing efforts, I want to see you succeed. If your business isn’t visible across the internet, especially on Facebook, you can lose credibility and miss out on huge opportunities to grow your business or connect with a new referral partner.

How to Set Up A Facebook Page for Business:

1) Make sure you have a personal Facebook account – this FB account will be linked to the Business Page. *Do not have an employee setup the page because it will be linked to their account and not yours. You can always add a “manager” to the page after you have created it. But the last thing we want is a disgruntled employee deleting your page with thousands of followers, so I always recommend you have full control of your FB Pages. You will be glad I gave you this advice.
2) Go to
3) Click ‘Create Page’
4) Pick Local Business if your clients are mainly from your local area or pick “Corporation” if you work worldwide or nationwide
5) Create A Name & Category For Your Page *Tip: Use Your Business Name
6) Completely fill in the description of the FB Page
7) Upload Your “Profile Picture” *Tip: Use your company logo
8) Skip any Facebook Ad’s signup – You don’t want to pay for Facebook advertising at this time. We are working on the free platform for now.
9) View your new Facebook Business page!
10) Click About and completely fill out all your business information *Tip: The more information you give to Facebook about your Business, the more your page will be favored on Search Results. I call this Optimization
11) Add a Cover Photo
12) Invite your friends and email contacts to “like” your new Facebook Business Page.

Congrats, if you followed those steps, you should be all setup with a FB page for your Business. If you would like to learn more about social media marketing, video optimization or general business marketing, you can visit the MyVideoPro website by clicking here.

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