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Instagram For Business Tutorial (2016 Update)

Today we’re talking about Instagram for your Business – How to set it up, how to monetize your following and how to get started on Instagram, right now! My name is Jesse Rodriguez, I’m the Author of The Credit Blueprint and Business Credit Simplified. Welcome to the My Video Pro Tutorial on Instagram for Business.

Instagram For Business Tutorial Video

Please watch this 5 minute Instagram Tutorial, then read the blog post below for some added bonuses.

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How to setup your Business Instagram Profile

1 – Profile Name

The first step when setting up your Instagram profile, after you’ve downloaded the app to your mobile phone, is picking out your business profile name. This is different from your username, so if you’re setting up this profile for a business you’re probably going to want to call it your company name or if you know a little bit about SEO, you might want to add some key words to the profile name.

2 – Pick Your IG Username

The next thing you’re going to do is pick your Instagram username, this is 100% mission critical. If you already have a username on Twitter or you have a username for your Facebook business page, then I highly recommend that you use the same name for your IG account, if its available. It’s a lot easier to post this on marketing material; Follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram – @MyVideoPro. Can you imagine having to use 4 different names? It would be confusing to your clients too.

3 – Upload Your Profile Photo

Step three, uploading a profile photo. On my social media profiles, I typically like to utilize my business logo. If you are the brand, upload a clear, inviting, photo of you. This is the photo that users are going to see every single time you post to your Instagram, so try to make it memorable. Branding is very important because once someone connects with your brand, it’s easy to keep them as a customer for life.

4 – Start Following Other IG Users

Step number four, you want to start following other IG users. You can connect your Instagram to your Facebook and instantly start following all of your Facebook friends. You can connect to your contacts list on your mobile phone and follow your contacts that have an IG account. You want to start off right and get connected to as many people in your network as you can. This way, you’ll already have a loyal following, which will make it easier to build more followers.

5 – Post Your First Instagram Photo

Now, I want you to make your first business post on Instagram. I want the photo to be engaging, one that represents your business in a positive manor and gets people to “like” it. Before you post it, I want you to add a description – I’d recommend about 160 characters or less then add 5 hashtags. Hashtags are the pound sign # (if you remember old school phones). When you add a hashtag to your post, it’s making it a public conversation and will post that pic with the other people who used that same hash tag. You want to go after hash tags that your customers would be using to find a business like yours.

Examples of my Business on Instagram

If you watch the video above, I show you a profile that I utilize for one of my businesses. It’s fully set up and the username is @CreditAdvice. Here is the link to the profile: Since this Business focuses on consumer credit restoration, my main key word is “credit repair,” so as you can see, I named the profile “Cobalt Credit Repair” so I could have a keyword in there to help with organic search results. In the description, it says, “Jesse Rodriguez from Cobalt Credit Repair in Seattle Washington.” So there is another keyword in the description. I also added some emojis so the profile would stick out in people’s mind.

The most important aspect of your Instagram Business profile is adding a link to your website. If you are pretty good with marketing, you will want to add a landing page as the link. That way, you can track the traffic to the landing page and target the offer to your IG community. I wish nothing but success for your business in 2016.

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