Setup YouTube Channel

How to setup YouTube Channel (2016)

Welcome to our Tutorial – How to Setup YouTube Channel (2016 Update). In this video, we will show you everything you need to know to setup and create a YouTube Channel for yourself or your Business! Did you know that YouTube is the #2 Search Engine in the world? Oh yea, YouTube is even owned by the #1 Search Engine, Google. So it’s very important that in 2016, you have a YouTube Channel with lots of great content.

Setup/Create YouTube Channel in 2016

It’s not as frighting as it might seem, there was a time a few years ago where YouTube was a scary place to get setup if you’re a beginner. Now, they’ve made it a lot easier. Here is proof that videos are so much cooler than Blog posts… Please only click on the link if you plan to watch the entire video (about 6 minutes) and you agree to like the video, leave a comment and subscribe to our channel:

Steps to Setup YouTube Channel / Account

First, you will need to sign up for a Google or Gmail Account (see video above). After you have a Google Account, you will have instant access to YouTube, they will ask you to setup your YouTube Channel name. After you setup the name for your channel, you will want to upload a profile photo and some YouTube Channel Cover Art…

YouTube Channel Cover Art / Cover Photo

In my video, I promised that I would give you guys the template that I use to create my YouTube Channel Cover Art. It’s not exactly easy, but you just need to plug your photos, words and letters into the white space on the template, upload it to your YouTube Channel and adjust the crop. This took me a long time to find out, so please show us some love on our videos…

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