how to post or comment as facebook business page

How to Post/Reply as Facebook Business Page

One of the number one question I’m asked on my Facebook Business Tutorial Videos is; How to post, comment or reply as a Facebook Business Page. So, in this quick tutorial, I will show you how to post, comment or reply as a Business Facebook Page.

How to Post to Facebook as a Business Page (Video)

Below is the video tutorial I made on YouTube:

How to post, reply and comment as Facebook Business Page

First, you need to go to your Facebook Business Page, go right to the timeline. There will be a section on the timeline where it says “Write Something…” with a small box at the top right.

That small box is going to show the Facebook Business Page’s Logo or it’s going to show your personal Facebook Profile Photo. This will tell you who the post is coming from…

how to post to facebook as business page

You will want to ensure that you post as your Business Page if you plan to keep your personal and business profiles separate.